Academic Curriculum

“Excellence In Christian Education”
All parts of the day are “academic” in nature. Even simple daily activities give our infants and preschoolers the opportunity to learn and practice many life developing skills.



Program Options


Our Infant-Toddler Program was established to nurture feelings of trust and security. The environment provides a safe and quiet area for intimate social interactions and for sleeping and care-giving routines, such as diapering and feeding. Our more mobile infants and toddlers need a larger area of room which offers more opportunities for exploration and experimentation with toys and other children, but still recognizes their continued need for safety, assurance and support. The Infant-Toddler Program is geared towards the child’s developmental level; i.e. encouraging the child to sit-up, crawl, stand up and walk. Teachers have a one-on-one schedule with the infants and toddlers doing reading, art projects, music and outdoor exploration experiences.

2 – 3 Year Olds

  • Weekly Lesson Plans
  • Learning Games/Fun Time Activities
  • Numbers With Math Building Skills
  • Animal Alphabet Friends
  • Language Development
  • Letters & Phonics
  • Beginning Introduction to the A Beka Curriculum

4 – 5 Year Olds

The A Beka curriculum offers a complete day-to-day lesson plan for phonics and reading. Phonics, counting and number writing activities reinforce what children learn in the classroom. Delightfully illustrated little books are used to introduce each child to the world of reading. Basic vowel sounds and beginning consonants are used. The A Beka curriculum is supported by the emergent (thematic) curriculum which includes science, artsand crafts, language development, blocks, and music and movement. Weekly lesson plans will be posted on the parents’ bulletin boards outside each classroom.



Schedule Options

All Day Program Schedule

(6:30 am – 6:00 pm)
8:00-8:30…….Greeting/Morning Snack
8:30-9:30…….Chapel/Circle Time
10:00-11:00…..Stations/Activity Time
11:00-11:30…..Show & Share/Hygiene
12:00-2:30……Hygiene/Nap Time
2:30-3:15…….Hygiene/Afternoon Snack
5:30-6:00…….End of Day Activity

Morning Program Schedule

(8:00 am – Noon)
8:00-8:30…….Greeting/Morning Snack
8:30-9:30…….Chapel/Circle Time
9:30-11:00……Station/Activity Time
11:30-12:00…..Show & Share/Story Time/Hygeine

Daily Class Schedule

All class schedules will include:

  • Arrival and Departure Time
  • Lunch, Morning and Afternoon Snack Times
  • Playground and Outside Time
  • Chapel and Prayer Time
  • Hygiene/Bathroom Times
  • Circle/Center Times
  • Music and Movement
  • Story Time
  • Nap Time



General Information


Bible Curriculum

The Peoples Child Care Center reinforces biblical standards every day throughout the Center. Chapel is held every day in the classrooms. The A Beka curriculum is also used for verse memorization, songs, stories and visual aid pictures.


We love to celebrate birthdays! Parents are welcome to come with special treats for all the children to help celebrate. If special entertainment is desired, please check with the office first.

Dress Code

Casual dress or play clothes, easy for the child to manage and suitable for messy materials or accidents, are recommended. We want the children to be free to participate in all activities without worry of ruining their clothes. Shoes must be worn at all times while attending PCCC. Tennis shoes are the best. Shoes that have open backs or that do not support the child’s foot may not be worn. Each child must bring in an extra set of clothes to be kept at school for emergencies. Please put the clothes in a ziplock bag with the child’s name clearly marked.

Field Trips

Field trips are taken at PCCC to enhance the curriculum and to give each child an experience. Our two-year olds take small, short and local walking trips. Our three- to five-year olds have the opportunity to leave campus and go to places like museums, post office, Chaffee Zoo, Fresno State, pizza farm, pumpkin patch, etc. Parents will be notified of all up coming field trips through the monthly newsletters and permission slips.
All field trips are paid for by the parents. The Center will provide special lunches or snacks if needed. Parents are encouraged to accompany their children on the trips. Help from the parents is always needed for transportation and general supervision of the children. A driver’s clearance form must be approved and kept on file in the office before a parent is allowed to transport any children other than his/her own.


PCCC provides three nutritious snacks and a balanced lunch for those children who are enrolled in our all-day program.

Nap Items

For a child who is staying all day, we suggest he/she has a fitted crib sheet brought to school for nap time. Also, please bring a crib size blanket (no larger than 30”x 40”) for nap time. The bedding will be sent home on Fridays to be washed and returned again at the beginning of your child’s next week. Please make sure that his/her name is labeled on all items that are from home.

Parent – School Communication

Communication between parent and PCCC is absolutely necessary for a smooth running operation and to help in the development of your child. This is accomplished through monthly newsletters, phone calls and parent teacher conferences. Any information regarding your child(ren) will be passed only to the parents. Parents are also welcome to visit their child(ren)’s classroom at any time.